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The UNIFIED Mobile Video, Audio and Messaging

Crisis Response Solution

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Requires operation using personal protective equipment (PPE)

Chaotic and noisy environment

Need to coordinate supplies

Significant patient admission surge

Large task force from multiple agencies

Quickly establish alternate care sites

Reserve ICU beds and ventilators

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Multiple medical,

logistical and



The Key element in the fight against

the COVID-19 pandemic

Collaboration and Complex Crisis Management Solutions

Ex-Tm - Nurse Disptacher Supervisor

Centralized Supervision and User Management

Ex-Tm - Physicians Looking at Video Feed

A unified, mobile communication solution is a key element
in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. As healthcare
authorities deal with a patient admission surge, all task
force members need seamless connectivity as they establish
alternate care sites, reserve ICU beds and ventilators for
the most critically ill patients and coordinate the supply of
protective and emergency equipment.

Ex-Tm - Coms with Isolation Unit.png

Ex-Teams is an intuitive, location-based collaboration solution
supporting voice, text and video, with the ability to control
cross-functional teams operating in diverse environments.
Ex-Teams provides healthcare providers, first responders and
law enforcement agencies with cross-organizational, multiuser
communication and real-time situational awareness,
offering significant operational benefits.

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System Application Capabilities

  • Remote management of all users and permissions

  • Manage numerous communication groups according to role, task, team

  • Map-activated communication features

  • Integrated robotic telepresence platform

  • The Ex-Tems applicaiton runs on existing mobile devices

  • Available for Apple and Android mobile device platforms

Ex-Tm - Integration Infograph 1 - NO FRA

The system enables hospital-wide as well as institution-wide communication and connectivity including data gathering and analysis, immediate data transfer, shared location of all users, real-time situational picture, remote communication, and management of numerous treatment areas within a hospital or health center.

Ex-Teams can be fully integrated with a personal robot that can serve as a central hub for medical devices and accessories, family telepresence for relatives and an equipment caddy. The robot incorporates autonomous navigation, advanced AI and dynamic video and audio experiences.

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Institution Wide Communication Solution

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