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attached ear loops

Ratone KN95 5-Ply Materials Illustration

5-ply design for best filtration efficiency

The KN95 is comfortable to wear and allows for use with other protective equipment. It is  secured by two elastic ear loops. 


Our KN95 respirator is a particle filtering mask that meets the GB2626-2005/KN95 standard classification. This product has been tested by the NPPTL (US National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory) to measure  particulate filter efficiency which found the maximum and minimum filter efficiency of these masks to be between  98.21% and 96.03%. The product manufacturer is currently registered with the FDA.

Part #: ZLM-KN95-U1 

Particulate Respirator

The KN95 respirator mask is a product equivalent to the N95 mask. It is is ideal for everyday use while walking, commuting, at school, work, or while delivering goods or services.  It is used in many sectors including:  offices, food processing plants, restaurants, production factories and the services industry.


  • High quality non-medical mask

  • New 5-ply design

  • Verified particulate filter efficiency

  • Particulate filter efficiency  95%

  • Listed on the FDA website

  • Meets the GB2626-2006 standard

  • CE certified

  • Each mask individually wrapped

  • Designed for comfort

  • 10 units/box

  • Box size: 5.13 in x 5 in  x 2.13 in   

  • Shelf life: 3 yrs

Ratone KN95 5-Ply Illustration NO LOGO.p

The civilian KN95 mask model is recommended for wearing everywhere you go. Coupled with observing proper social-distance as indicated by your local health authority, its use will help minimize exposure to harmful bacteria and airborne viruses in the environment.

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