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  • Multi-purpose IR Thermometer

  • FDA 510 (k) registration # K172889

  • EN12470-5:2000   ASTM E1112-00

  • For both adults and children 

  • 3 color back-light LCD display . 

  • Visual and audible reading

  • Fever alarm over 38 C/ 100.4 F (Red Light)

  • Body and surface measuring

  • 99 data memories

  • Auto shut-off

  • Guiding buzzer

  • Quick 1 second read

  • Precision: +/-  0.2 C/ 0.4  F

  • Voice and Non-Speech modes optional

  • Portable size

  • Power Supply: DC 3.0 V (2 AAA batteries)

  • Operating environment: 60.8-104.0 F

Pacom 1.png
Pacom PC868 1.png

Part #: PC868 

Infrared Thermometer


The PC868 Series thermometer is a multi-purpose device ideal for measuring the body's temperature without making direct contact with the individual  being tested. Measurements can be made from a range of 1 to 3 cm approximately. If offers efficient battery consumption and auto-shutoff.


Easy to Use

The PC868 Series model is easy to operate, and can be used by many types of users in the health, industrial, educational and service industries. Use it to monitor student, employee, patient or customer temperature as indicated by your local government or health authorities. It can be easily cleaned and will stand repeated use under normal measurement conditions. Not for use in hazardous environmental conditions.

Pacom PC868 2.png

This model works in both Celsius and Farenheit degrees (Celsius Readings Shown)

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