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Part #: ZLM-ABR-107A

Virabox Acrylic Barrier


Part #: ZLM-APR-207A

Aegis Access Ports

Clinicians with inadequate access to standard personal protective equipment (PPE) have been compelled to improvise protective barrier enclosures for use during procedures manipulating the airway like endotracheal intubation. We developed a transparent plexiglass cube designed to cover a patient’s head and that incorporates two circular ports through which the clinician’s hands are passed to perform the airway procedure.

The Virabox offers ample access at the  patient side

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Virabox provides the medical and support staff with an essential barrier for the physician assisting a patient at an Intensive Care Unit over the course procedures such as endotracheal intubations, bronchoscopies, etc. and which can expose the medical team to aerosolized viruses and other pathogens.  

With its innovative design, the Virabox provides paramedics and other field rescue and Emergency Response personel with an additional level of protection between the first responder and the patient when performing aerosolized emergency procedures in a patient with a known or suspected illness.


Usable in a clinical setting or in the field

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