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What We Do

We are Systems Integrators of Mobile, Tactical and Emergency Communication Systems. We can integrate several technologies to configure and supply a complete turn-key tactical communication system that will provide reliable wireless communications for short-range, medium and very long range operations. Our solutions span the tactical and commercial frequency spectrum including Tactical HF, Lo-VHF Airborne, VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz. We work on select GHz bands for specific applications. We also provide full PMO / Project Management Services, RF Coverage Design Services, Field Engineering, Field Installation and Warranty Support Services in our region of operation. Contact us to setup a conference to discuss your needs. 

Product and Systems Integration Services Portfolio


LMR and TAC Radio Products

Multiplatform Integration

PMO/Project Management

RF Coverage System Design

Field Engineering Services

Logistic Services  and Support

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Connecting  Architectures

Our solutions allow you to interconnect many different platforms and thus take advantage of their many benefits, some unique to their communication protocol and power range. You can interconnect two-way radio equipment with either analog or digital modulation and from different protocols such as DMR or P25 with HF radio products and networks, Satcom and 4G/LTE/5G mobile networks. We provide Fixed Gateways, Dispatch Consoles or Tactical Field Gateways to interconnect just about any wireless platform available today. We offer many of the world's most trusted brands that manufacture some of the most reliable radio products, gateways, interfaces, dispatch consoles, point-to-point links, RF filters and antenna system components.

Field Support Services


RF Site Audits and Surveys

RF Site Grounding / Protection

Radio Equipment Installation

Installation Supervision Services

Equipment Configuration Services

PMO/Project Management

Field Service and Maintenance

We offer field deployment services on many countries through our own in-country personnel or with the assistance of our network of partners in our region of operation. Once you discuss your program requirements with us, regarding system deployment, configuration, training, acceptance and your project timeline, our team will work with you to identify the Field Services necessary for a successful and efficient and will tailor a quotation according to your requirements.

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