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Microwave Link (PTP) and Microwave Network (PTMP) Design

The ZOLARYX RF Design team can assist you with both pre-sale and post-sale microwave network project design challenges. We can help you with link reliability analysis, evaluate different options to improve performance (diversity configurations) and help you arrive at a network topology that best meets your requirements. We can work with your proposal or product team to meet their specific project needs. Gives us a call or send us an email to discuss your requirements.


PTP Link Analysis

We provide point-to-point engineering link performance analysis and design services. We can perform several types of calculations including multipath fading predictions, diversity performance, error performance and availability. Other analysis we offer include: Antenna height optimization, Reflection analysis, Accounting for attenuation in vegetation and Diffraction loss analysis.

SAF - Mission Critical MWave 2.PNG

Tailored Link Solutions

We offer the complete SAF Product portfolio from basic microwave links to high-capacity microwave links and networks. These products are available on several spectrum bands and their performance can be optimized using frequency diversity, space diversity, etc.  We offer products for most applications including public safety and commercial networks.

MW Transport Network  70.png

Point-to-Multipoint Microwave Network Solution Design

We can perform coverage analysis for Point-to-MultiPoint Networks including Multipath Fading predictions (Rec. ITU-R P.530-17), Rain attenuation, Diversity improvement (frequency, space, quad diversity), Co-channel operation and Error performance and availability.


Field Services

On certain countries we can offer link installation services through our local partners and associate integration network. Let us discuss your project needs and we can provide a complete field services package that will include project management, equipment installation and optimization and comissioning. 

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