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Mobile Network Radio Coverage Analysis and Design

ZOLARYX offers a unique set of know-how and skills specific to mobile radio technology. Our engineering team has expertise in portable and mobile radio coverage planning,  system characterization and network performance simulation. We understand the requirements of narrow channel land mobile radio technologies as well as the ever-expanding broadband offering of 4G/5G-based networks. We are familiar with P25, DMR and TETRA mobile radio networks for Mission Critical operation.

Coverage Design Capabilities

We are able to perform the following types of analysis specific to your project requirements:

Land Mobile Radio Analysis

Received Power for Uplink and Downlink cases

  • Best Server Analysis and mapping

  • Carrier to Interference Analysis (C/I)

  • Area Reliability Maps based on Receiver Faded Performance Targets

Terrestrial Radio and Television Broadcasting

  • Field Strength at the Receiver Location

  • Strongest Server (Best Server)

  • FCC contours

Area Studies for Air-to-Ground Communication

  • Received power Air-to-Ground link

  • Received power Ground-to-Air link

  • Strongest (most likely) Server Air-to-Ground link

Signal Power x 2 sites - Albany Run at 100m CROPPED.jpg

Antenna Characterization and Performance Reporting

We offer a unique service to support both complex and specific applications. We can analyze and characterize base station and other types of antennas in an anechoic chamber and product a lab performance report for the desired frequency range.


RF Design for Performance and Cost-Effectivenesss

We can tackle many types of designs, from fixed repeater and base stations to field-deployable antenna systems with military-grade RF coaxial cable for reliable use and deployment, Low PIM VHF and UHF antenna systems, and custom RF combining solutions (more than 1 radio channel) that use a single repeater antenna.


Rigorous Design Process

Our engineering team follows an organized and rigorous process based on best engineering practices and our experience of designing and implementing mobile radio networks for many years. We work on an end-to-end basis assisting you in the selection of the right base station/repeater antenna, combiners, Rx-Preselectors, RF-isolators and RF Duplexing equipment best able to provide you optimum mobile network performance.


Broad Selection of RF Filtering, Combining and Transmission Components

Thanks to a long-established relationship with our key RF Equipment suppliers, we are able to buy direct from the factory and offer very competitive pricing on both US-Made and Internationally sourced RF Components without compromising quality or design reliability. We specialize in unique  RF Combining equipment and are able to provide from simple to complex designs based on the needs of your Communications Systems or the challenges presented at a specific RF Site.

EMR DUPLEXER 150 dpi 4 x 4 in.png
MCR-MCA 25108-0 - 150 dpi 4 x 4 in.png
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